Ural Cartoons

Welcome to UralToons!

Introducing the ongoing tales of our own Hari Hackman. You can follow Hari as he creates his own Ural Story via his day-to-day adventures on his Ural in these cartoons. Simply open the link in your favorite web browser, turn up the volume and enjoy as Hari and his Ural cruise through life. We encourage you to send us your thoughts, ideas or even ready-to-go scripts for future Hari Hackman adventures. Oh, and by the way, feel free to pass these toons on to your friends!

The cartoons are available in Flash. If you already have Macromedia Flash Player installed, then click on the link to launch the animation. If you do not, then the free download is available from Macromedia. Just choose the version for your operating system. To download the cartoon to your desktop, right-click the link, choose "Save Link As" and then select to where the file will be downloaded.