Accident Repair

We provide complete estimates for your insurance company, and we can work with your insurance company to get you back in the saddle again as soon as possible.


Slash 2 Trans 4

We make them look like new again!

Carburetor Rebuilds

Rebuild includes beadblasting of old parts, new floats, diaphrams, needles, gaskets, o-rings~complete assembly returned to your ready to bolt on and go!

Cylinder Head Reconditioning
Cylinder Heads

Includes valve reconditioning or replacement when necessary, guide replacement, (valve seats can be updated to unleaded type) bead blasting and 3 angle cuts, hand lapped and resurfaced cylinder head face.

Scheduled Maintenance Service

Available for all post-war model BMW’s, air heads, oil heads, and all K bikes

Spoke Wheel Rebuilds

Starter Repairs

Tire Replacement

Mounting and balancing of tires Equal opportunity tire installer-yours or ours!

Transmission Rebuilds

Includes inspection of all gear and shafts, new bearings, gaskets and seals, hand fit and polish shift assemblies for smoother shifting, measured and shimmed within .05mm, beadblasting of case if you desire that factory new look, returned to you ready to bolt on and go.

Please contact us for a quote on your service needs. All quotes are individualized and specific. The greatest care and consideration will be given to you to make your service with Forever Endeavor Cycles as simple and equitable an experience as possible. Our prices are fair and competitive.

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Radiator Flush and Fill
Dave Clark's Forever Endeavor Cycles
518 East Osage
Pacific, MO

Service Description

Promote long engine life with a cooling system flush and fill. Even in moderate climate conditions, heat and cold are hard on your engine. Clean fluid ensures that your radiator operates at optimal efficiency. It keeps your engine block at normal operating temperatures, and it lubricates expensive engine seals. Flushing the radiator prevents corrosion and costly repairs.