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Scorpion FrontI have come to know David Clark very well through his assisting me on my Grinnall Scorpion (BMW K1100-based) 3-wheeler. Be it purchasing and reconditioning the needed salvage parts/trouble-shooting assembly problems/engine,drivetrain, and electronics advice, David has been not only very willing but extremely competent. I give David my highest recommendation.

Chris Erkmann


i first met Dave, oh, four or five years back, when he was still working
for other folks. even then, when he was managing several mechanics and
juggling the needs and wants of dozens of customers, he made time to give
me the advice i sought ... and TWICE warned me of issues i MIGHT encounter
and what to do if they cropped up. both times i had good reason to be glad
he'd thought ahead for me. he even let me borrow from his toolbox! in my
experience, only honest folk display that much faith and trust in others.

since then, a bunch of maintenance and hundreds of questions later, my wife
and i have pushed our '93 LT up to 86K miles and, thanks to Dave, i'll
confidently rack up another 3 or 4K on my trip this year to Key West.
meanwhile, Dave's support and advice and "friendly teacher" style are the
sole reasons we had the confidence to undertake rebuilding a '94 K1100RS,
which we successfully fired up on the first try just last weekend.

in Dave and Nicklette--the principals of Forever Endeavor Cycles--my wife
and i have not only found a great mechanic, a great source of parts, and a
great advisor for the things we can tackle ourselves, but, most
importantly, we've found two great friends.

i almost hate to share this info with the world at large ... we kinda like
keepin' Dave and Nicklette and their "Dave Clark Five" offspring to
ourselves ... but some things .. and some people ... really are meant to be

stl, mo

I'd like to recommend David to anyone who has trouble with their BMW. I had a transmission rebuilt by Dave and it was very reasonable and a quality job. I bought a used tranny as a transition, since I ride mine daily(my only wheels). That second transmission needs some attention, and I plan to ship it to David to repair. He has given me some very solid advice when asked, and is very personable. He also has gone the extra mile for at least one touring rider that I know about.
Leroy Hairgrove
Rio Rancho, NM

Just a short note to say thanks Dave for the great job you did on my 74 R90/6.The bike was done when promised and runs better than ever. It's very hard to find someone skilled in working on these vintage BMW's. Dave has done anexceptional job on this one and my 78 R100/7. It required major service and reconditioning from long term storage. The R100 ended up mechanically perfect due to Dave's excellent work. Next on the list is a R100 cafe project which will eventually be in Dave's hands for the mechanical build-up.
Good work, VERY fair pricing structure, and if you call him, unlike a lot of shops, he calls you back.
Many thanks to him and Nicklette.
Bill Pack

David Clark came to my rescue after I had purchased a bike that was less than the seller had represented. Parts had been swapped out after our deal had been struck and the condition of the bike and it's accessories was clearly not as stated based on photos for what was supposed to be an exceptional example of a R69S. I set out to replace a long list of parts and David answered a "wanted ad" I had posted. He said he had every part on that wish list and since I was having to deal with a long distance sale my guard was definitely up. Well a deal was struck and the parts and price exceeded my expectations and my faith was renewed in what is supposed to be a fun hobby. Thanks David for good service and an honest deal that helped make up for the unpleasant experience. Daron Strub, Asheville, NC

David has done good work for a fair price, and has provided honest answers
for any questions I've had. He also acted as a consultant when I needed
warranty work done that he could not perform, at no charge. How could I not
be impressed by that.


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