About Us

Dave Clark has had a lifelong interest in BMW motorcycles. Over the past 29 years he has personally owned 89 BMW motorcycles. It all began when he was 15 years old with a 1963 R60/2. This was followed by a variety of /2 restorations, numerous R bikes, sidecar rigs and even a couple of K bikes. During his early years he attended rallies nationwide. Link to his photo page to see a few of Dave's favorites bikes and restoration projects. He has been associated with the St. Louis Gateway Riders BMW Club since 1975. He has also been associated with BMW MOA since 1976. In 2002 he received the Helping Hand award from the BMWMOA organization.

David has ridden over 300,000 miles during this time period. (Not including all those test rides!) Dave has been married since 1983 to his childhood friend, Nicklette. Since 1986 they have been raising their family. The five childrens ages range 24, 21, 19, 15 and 11. They are fondly referred to as The Dave Clark Five. He has shared his love of motorcycles with his family and every one of those children has been on a motorcycle, at least around the yard, before they could walk. In the early years of their marriage Dave and Nicklette attended rallies and now as the brood grows up they are all starting to enjoy that as a new part of family life. When asked what his personal favorite model is he won't commit.

They all have their special features and aspects that make them enjoyable. I really like the variety of speed, comfort and handling you get from all the different models BMW has to offer.

Dave working on Ural Retro